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Arbitrary and Capricious: A tale of two legal systems

I recently had the opportunity to view a criminal trial in the United Kingdom. Now I don’t practice criminal law, so
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The Crucible

Back in 2017, I wrote about how events change the law in relation to my son’s school’s production of The
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Kickstarter Business Lessons

We take a break from our regularly scheduled blog posts to update you on this breaking news. Something that lets
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Business Lessons from Award-Winning Author Dave Farland

On January 14, 2022, I lost a friend and mentor, John David Wolverton, better known as Dave Farland, writer of
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The Transparency Tightrope

In an age of over-sharing, business owners and leaders struggle with the line between too much information and a lack
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3 Ways Short-Term Financial Thinking Can Lead To Devastating Legal Consequences

Business owners face the challenge of ensuring that each dollar spent is used in the best possible way and there
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The Fabric of Woman-Owned Businesses

I’ve been a business and litigation lawyer in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia for over 25 years, working
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You’ve Been Served

Some of the scariest words that exist are:  You’ve been served. Your heart starts racing, sweat pops out, you might
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