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Female Business Attorney

The Fabric of Woman-Owned Businesses

I’ve been a business and litigation lawyer in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia for over 25 years, working
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You’ve Been Served

Some of the scariest words that exist are:  You’ve been served. Your heart starts racing, sweat pops out, you might
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People are People. Or are They? The Mysterious Case of the Cocaine Hippos

The law is just downright odd sometimes. Everyone once in a while, there’s a legal story that just makes me
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Special Considerations for Home-Based Businesses

“Change” has been on everyone’s mind since at least March 2020. Change has been the driving force in our social
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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate That is the Question: or, Trading a Jab For a Job Part II

I wrote back in May that the issue of whether to require mandatory vaccines or not was going to be
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The Corporate Divorce: Breaking Up (in Business) is Hard to Do

Untangling business disputes between owners (a corporate divorce) is often harder than an actual divorce. In a divorce, the law
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Starting Your Business When Working For Someone

Be careful about your duties to your current employer when you are starting your business while working for someone else.
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What is the Duty of Loyalty?

The duty of loyalty arises out of the common law (the law made by courts rather than a legislative body
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