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What is a Meeting of the Minds?

What is a Meeting of the Minds?  Making contracts sounds deceptively simple, two people just have to agree to do
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How to Use Contract Exclusions and Limitation

Meet love song: “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” has surprising lessons for businesses. Sometimes
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Why You Should Always Have Written Contracts

Why You Should Always Have Written Contracts Hand shake deals get shaky. People’s memories may vary when a dispute happens,
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Arbitrary and Capricious  

You may have heard the phrase “arbitrary and capricious” in relation to legal cases. In 2018, Judge John D. Bates
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Understanding Legal Contract Terms | Contract Law

Does Your Comp Time Policy Violate Labor Laws? Legal ease isn’t easy. It’s not the big words or the Latin
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7 Influential Female Attorneys in the United States of America

There have been many female attorneys who have made a significant impact on the laws of the United States of
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How the law uses words: Defamation

‘Dem’s Fighting Words, or Maybe You Just Defamed Me, Or Was that Just Derogatory or An Opinion? HELP! I’m sure
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Every Contract Should Include an Out clause

Firing an employee is hard, and there are host of other decisions you can make to ease your former employee’s transition and reduce the risk to your company.
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