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What is the Duty of Loyalty?

The duty of loyalty arises out of the common law (the law made by courts rather than a legislative body
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The Dangers of Ambiguity in Business Contracts

Verbal or handshake agreements can be enforced if you prove all the terms. When a dispute arises, you will fight
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Do I Need A Written Lease?

Being a landlord is tricky. Being a landlord with a property in a Condominium, Homeowner’s, or Property Owners Association is
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The Joy of Discovery

You’ve been sued or decided to sue someone. Congratulations! You’re about to enter the wonderful world of discovery. Litigation doesn’t
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Trust and transparency

People often read stories of fraud, embezzlement or general dupery and wonder how the victims could have been so stupid.
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Let’s be clear.  I’m crazy.  Yup. Off my rocker. Certifiable. Nuts.  I was raised as part of the generation of
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Keeping Events SAFE in a post-Covid world

Summer is well on its way and we are all leaving, or about to leave, our Covid bunkers. Events are
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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate that is the Question: or Trading a Jab for a Job.

I am sure that Shakespeare never anticipated that his tortured Danish prince would be quoted hundreds of years later for
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